Top Honeymoon Destinations: Spotlight on Fiji

Top Honeymoon Destinations: Spotlight on Fiji

Bula! One of our top and absolutely best honeymoon destinations to recommend has to be Fiji. Most people think that Fiji is too expensive to visit, but in fact this amazing group of islands could surprisingly fit your budget and can be an affordable honeymoon destination if you have you are up to for an adventure!

Our round-trip flight per person from San Francisco to Nadi, Fiji (the capital) was around $1,000. We put this island to our test and we were blown away, this was our journey to Fiji.

We arrived to Nadi and stayed at the amazing Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island. We were here for a few days to recuperate from the long flight of about 12 hours. 

On the last day in Nadi we went to get our Bula pass in Denarau Island. What's a Bula pass? Well, it is your island hopping pass to the Yasawa Islands on the Yasawa Flyer! Yes, with this pass you can hop island-to-island for a fixed price of about $200 round-trip per person.

We started our adventure at Beachcomber Island Resort. Everywhere you see you surrounded by water and most likely where you stay will be a hut that's on edge of the beach. We decided to spend two nights there, since we wanted to go to spend the day on a yacht and visit the Castaway Island, Qalito. After the hanging out for a few hours we went to a local village and tried the local brew, called Kava. They brew the roots of the Kava plant to produce a drink that makes you feel very relaxed and foggy. 

Beach Comber Island Fiji


Beach Comber Resort Fiji

Using our Bula pass on the Yasawa Flyer, we then headed to Octopus Resort where we found an amazing paradise! The resort is set on the clearest blue water we have ever seen. We spent five days here. Most of our days were spent relaxing on the beach, eating the amazing fresh fish, and taking long walks. We also went to visit the island's locals in their village and got to know more about the culture of Fiji. Octopus Resort all offers all-inclusive meal packages, which can help with keeping your honeymoon affordable. 

Beach Comber Resort Fiji


Beach Comber Resort Fiji


The last destination on our trip was Blue Lagoon. Where we also spent five days here. We were already so relaxed from Octopus Resort, so we decided to spend the time being more active. This gorgeous resort is also owned by the same owner of Octopus Resort. There is a mountain on the back of the resort and most of our days where spent hiking on the mountain and snorkeling. Blue Lagoon also had amazing food and also offers the all-inclusive meal packages. 

beach honeymoon destinations

best honeymoon destinations

We then went back to Denarau Island on the last stop on the Yasawa Flyer using our Bula pass. Then took the long flight back to San Francisco. 

This was one of the most amazing destinations we have ever visited and the whole trip cost less than $3,000 per person. This trusted travel agency, Awesome Fiji can also help you plan all-inclusive honeymoon packages. 


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