How to plan the perfect rehearsal dinner

How to plan the perfect rehearsal dinner

Planning the perfect rehearsal dinner will set the foundation for a flawless wedding day! Remember the goal of the rehearsal dinner is to not just get your wedding party on the same page on the eve of your wedding day but to thank your close friends and family near and far who will also be attending your wedding day.  Here are some key things to remember to hosting your ideal rehearsal dinner:

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Who Pays

Traditionally the groom's parents pay, but it is the 21st century after all. This tradition can be a thoughtful gesture from your soon to be in-laws, but don't be surprised if you or your parents have to pitch in.

Who to Invite

Who you invite will depend on your wedding size, whether you will be having a destination wedding, and your budget. Your wedding party and immediate family should absolutely be there. However, the rehearsal dinner is now becoming the kick-off party for the festivities to come! So if you have the room in your budget why not make a weekend out of your wedding festivities?

Choose a Venue

We highly recommend not to over complicate yourself and choose a venue that is not far from your wedding venue, since you will be rehearsing first. Choose a location that goes with the theme of your wedding and keep it simple with the menu. Family style, tacos, and BBQ are all acceptable food options. Usually, the rehearsal dinner is the day before your wedding day, so don't overeat. You want to feel fresh and alert the next day. 

Send Invitations

We highly recommend sending invitations. Remember the goal is for the people closest to you to feel appreciated and loved. If you plan on expanding your rehearsal dinner to everyone you plan to invite to the wedding, you can absolutely include it in your wedding invitations. If you don't, then we highly recommend sending a simple invitation to your invited guests. Check out all of our DIY rehearsal dinner template invitations!

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Schedule and Activities 

Remember after your rehearsal dinner you should feel pretty good that all the last minute details are in place. So prior to dinner your wedding party and ceremony participants will meet you and your fiancé at the ceremony location to practice the progression of the ceremony. Once that is complete get ready to celebrate! The rehearsal dinner is the perfect place to give your wedding party a token of your gratitude. It is common also common for the parents and couple to give a speech. Don't forget to enjoy every minute of all your wedding festivities! 

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