DIY Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Party Invitation

DIY Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Party Invitation


Planning a Bachelorette Party Bash?! Set the tone for a Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Party or Bachelorette Party Weekend using our invitation templates available for instant download to be edited with the free version of Adobe Reader. 

We are going to walk you though the steps to create your own (5x7) Flamingo DIY Editable and Printable Bachelorette Party Invitations.

First - Here are the supplies you will need to DIY your very own Invites:

(Unless you will be sending your file to a online printer, then you will not have to purchase paper, print or trim the files). In that case, please skip down to Step1. - Purchase Template.


The paper we recommend using is  Sweet Tooth White Cardstock 8.5" by 11" -100lb from Amazon. The supplier sells the sheets in packs of 25 for $10.50. 


Since we will be printing each invitation on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper you will need either a paper cutter, or you can use a Xacto knife with a ruler.

Or you can go to your local Kinkos and use their paper cutter in the self-printing area.

Here are the steps to to get started:

Step 1: Purchase Template

Purchase our  Flamingo DIY Editable and Printable Bachelorette Party Invitation Template for $7.00

2 Files will be included:

Single Files: Use the Single files if you are sending your invitations to a online printer. These are just the single files alone.

Double Files: Use the Double Files if you are printing at home or taking the files to your local copy shop. They have (2) 5x7 files set up per page for maximize the use of paper, along with dotted cut out lines.

Step 2: Open/Edit the Template with Adobe Reader

Edit your template - Just fill your information into the highlighted pre-populated guides.

To change the size of the highlighted text fields simply hit: Command-E on a Mac or CTRL-E on a PC. 


Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Party Invitation

Step 3: Printing

Make sure the printing setting scale is set to 100%, and 'Choose paper source by PDF Page size' is checked. You will want the preview image fitting nicely in the middle of the 8.5x11 card stock.

Printing settings will vary, so be sure to read your printer manual for more help. 

Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Party Invitation

Step 4: Trim

If you don't have access to a paper cutter you can trim your invitation templates with a ruler and Xacto knife.

Press down the ruler and line up the right side of it to the dotted trim line. Then cut along the ruler to get a nice straight edge.

 Step 5: Final Product

You will have super cool/ trendy pink and gold flamingo bachelorette party invitations!  Be sure to check our bachelorette party section for more Bachelorette Party Ideas!


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